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Rare Rides: A Red (Mostly) Suzuki Crapwagon Collection, in Geo Form

By Jane Davis

This is actually the first time in our Rare Rides series where Rides applies directly to a single story. That’s because this is more of a rare collection of cars from someone who is dedicated to a singular passion. A passion which only comes in one color, and which bears mostly misleading badging.

You don’t want to miss what you’re about to see.

That’s because listed on the Richmond, Virginia Craigslist is the following set of stunners.

That’s right, a collection of three Suzuki models and one Isuzu where three are badged as Geos and all of them are the same color of Cheap Cheerful Rojo. Let’s proceed from left to right, and see what we’re dealing with here.


  • 1991 Geo Storm Gsi, 280,000 miles, 5-speed
  • 1993 Geo Metro, 30,000 miles, 5-speed
  • 1996 Geo Tracker Lsi, 120,000 miles, 5-speed, 4WD
  • 1996 Suzuki X-90, 70,000 miles, 5-speed,  2WD

There’s something to recommend three of these to the right sort of customer. The Storm, which was actually a rebadged Isuzu Gemini, has a suspension tuned by Lotus. The Metro is very low miles, manual, and a convertible. The X-90 is actually my favorite automotive flop, and it boasts low miles and a manual (unfortunately, it’s a two-wheel-drive example). The Tracker I left for last because it’s not special, and the black hood is ugly.


Our seller has assigned “worth at least” pricing to each model, for a grand total of $19,000. Since each one is “worth at least” that much, we’re really talking about $23,000-plus worth of metal here. So, I guess it’s good he’s willing to let his prized collection go for the pitifully small sum of $12,000.

Even at that 47-percent discount, he’s still asking too much. What would you pay for this Suzuki Red Rides Redux?