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Best 5 Paid and Free English Online Classes

By Jane Davis

If you’re an adult who wants to learn English, taking online English classes is definitely your best bet. We’ve assembled a list of the best online classes on the internet to make it easier for you to find the one that will work best for you.


While there are many available options, not all of them are the same.

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USA Learns (Free)

USA Learns is a great program that has the backing of the US Department of Education behind it. The program teaches beginner and intermediate English, and primarily consists of three online courses with lots of videos and other helpful material.

However, since the program is free, don’t expect a lot of individual attention and support when learning because the site is build around you learning by yourself.

MOOEC (Free)

MOOEC, which is short for Massive Open Online English Course, is a “massive” online English class where all classes are organized by a theme. The cool thing about MOOEC is that many of its classes were developed and made by other universities, so there’s a lot of brainpower behind them. There’s over 18 hours of content for the Elementary English course alone.

If you feel like you’re ready to skip the elementary course and try some other courses, you can take an online course around managing time, getting a job, etc.

MOOEC is a great resource for people who want to learn English online, but it does have some limitations due to its free nature… you won’t be able to ask any questions in real-time, or get the individual attention you may want, like you would with a paid resource like Open English (more on it below)

Open English (Paid)

Open English is one of our favorite online English classes that even got the attention of CNN. Its feels like a real classroom because it has real teachers that you can ask questions in real-time, a well as chat with other students.

You can take online classes on Open English at any time of day or night (its open 24/7), and they make sure that their class sizes are pretty small so that students and teachers can have frequent interactions.

Because of putting so much time and effort to create such an amazing resource, Open English is not free and you will have to pay for a subscription. If you’re serious about learning English and are ready to invest your time and energy into speaking fluently in the near future, definitely consider giving Open English a try – we think you’ll like it because of the individual attention you will get, among many other great features.


FluentU (Paid)

FluentU is another great Online English Class we are big fans of.

They have online classes for many other languages such as Chinese, Spanish, German, etc., in addition to English. The cool thing about FluentU is that they offer a fifteen-day trial period in which you can try the platform for yourself and see if you like it and want to become a paid subscriber.

After the 15 days are over, and assuming you want to continue studying English with them, you can choose to either go with the Basic tier, or the Plus tier. Here’s what you get with the Basic and Plus tiers:

Basic Tier ($10/mo if paying for 1 year; $15 if month-to-month)

  • iPhone and iPad Apps
  • Unlimited Word Lookup
  • Unlimited Videos & Audios (w/ subtitles)

Plus Tier ($20/mo if paying for 1 year; $30 if month-to-month)

  • iPhone and iPad Apps
  • Unlimited Word Lookup
  • Unlimited Videos & Audios (w/ subtitles)
  • Unlimited Flash Cards
  • You Can Create Your Own Flashcards
  • Quizzes
  • Word Review

Overall, FluentU is a great deal where for as little as $10/mo you can make great progress learning English.

Alison (Free w/ Paid Option)

Alison is a great English learning resource with lots of online English writing and grammar courses.

In addition to the above mentioned courses, Alison also has online English literature classes, as well as a plethora of other professional level courses. By taking and completing these courses, you can actually make yourself stand out to potential employers who will be looking at your potential job application.

All Alison users who are not on a paid subscription plan have to see an advertisement before every new listen. It can get a bit annoying, so if you feel the same way and want to get rid of the ads, you can become a paid member and access the ad-free experience for about $4 a month (it costs $50/year), which comes out to be less than a cup of a venti latte at a Starbucks.

While we think that some of Alison’s lessons are not as deep as some of their competitors, they do have a pretty good choice of courses and you should definitely at least try the free version before deciding whether to become a paid subscriber, or try a different program all together.

And finally, please be aware of the fact that while Alison has some classes that identify themselves as a “Diploma” course, these “Diploma” courses will most likely not be recognized by an overwhelming majority of colleges or universities, if not all, because they are not accredited. You will have to pay if you want to receive an official certification.

In closing, there are many online English classes out there and we wanted to make your job of choosing the best one a little easier, and while we think that these 5 online english classes are the best, please feel free to do your own research because maybe you will find something that you will like even better.

As long as you achieve your dream and learn English, that’s all that matters.

Good luck!