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Are GED Online Classes as Good as Advertised?

By Jane Davis

The GED is a great online route to obtaining an equivalent of a high school diploma. Not only is it a useful qualification to have under your belt, it’s helpful for anyone in search of a new job without enough academic credentials – or enough time to study in a formal GED class.


So – the real question is – how can you juggle everyday life and make a GED study plan?

Studying Habits To Stick To

Before opening the digital study books, it’s worth understanding how you learn best. Some people are disciplined enough to work through 30 minutes of GED practice questions along with studying a few days per week. This approach allows students to schedule their exam quicker.

On the other hand, if you know that style of studying doesn’t suit you or your lifestyle then it’s worth considering taking the GED class. If your schedule is busy – whether it’s kids, work or socializing – then the class will probably save you time in the long run as you can commit and stick to attending each class rather than forcing yourself to do it alone. Better yet, it decreases your chances of failure so you won’t need to retake the exam again.

Online GED Classes Cost

Now you’re seriously considering taking the class, it’s time to review the cost of doing it. If you qualify for financial assistance then you can access many free GED programs. and both have great test center directories, however it’s worth noting not all of the test prep centers listed on both websites provide GED prep but instead the HiSET or the TASC (other high school diploma equivalent exams).

If you’re interested, then contact the center you’re interested in making sure you take your exam type and state of residence into account.

Free Online GED Classes

If you’d rather keep costs down – you’re in luck. Many online GED classes are free which is great for those with busy schedules and budgets.


Paid Online GED Classes

While there are many great free online GED classes, there are also paid options. A paid online GED class is great if the free ones don’t suit your needs. The official GED organization sells a program on their GED website for $40 – it comes with study guides and extra educational materials for a small monthly fee. With payment options varying from $39.99 per month to $199.99 per month – you should be able to find something that suits your budget. In fact, some courses even count towards college credit.

Other Useful Information

Don’t fret, you can still take free tests, answers and short tutorials online. Below you can find a list of a few options including practice tests from the official GED organisation.