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5 Home Security Systems From The Future Available Today.

By Jane Davis

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is well-known for its ability to introduce and showcase awesome new technologies for the public. In 2017, there was a particularly strong showing from home and business security companies.

These are the top five security products we know you’re going to want.

In-home Recon Drones

With the introduction of this product, you can keep the inside of your home safe without the hassle of caring for a guard dog. The small, self-steering drones (seen below) may end up replacing traditional home security systems.

Designed to investigate unusual sounds and other disturbances, your recon drone will capture video of your home and send you the video, which can be watched from your smartphone.

There are at least three reasons that recon drones could overwhelm home alarm companies:

  • no contract is required for service,
  • one-time pricing beats a pay-forever model, and
  • drones are freaking cool

Note: when they were introduced in 2017, personal recon drones were only a conceptual product. Some preliminary options are available, but we’re still waiting on the drones we were promised.

Spying Light Bulb

One of the coolest security products left home alarm companies wishing they’d thought of it first.

Created by Bell & Wyson, a company that makes all kinds of light bulbs, the spying light bulb capitalizes on the trend of remote video capture. Its defining feature is a small camera located in the bulb itself.

The beauty of the bulb is that acts as a deterrent to theft and intrusion because an illuminated light gives the impression that someone is home. If that simple measure fails to keep bad guys out, then the small camera will capture video of the area.

Like the drone, the spying light bulb connects to your smartphone. Additionally, it’s a pretty good light bulb, requiring only 11 watts to function. The only drawback is that the camera turns off when the light is off, making it a good addition to – but not replacement for – other alarm systems.

Floodlight Security Camera

We’re already familiar with Ring’s video doorbells, so the video floodlight seems like something they could do well.

ardwired, the Ring Floodlight Cam has seriously cool features. Its LED floodlights are really bright, its 110-decibel alarm is really loud, and its field of view is really wide. Because it’s weatherproof and can be installed without a professional, the Floodlight Cam may even replace the cheapest alarm system companies among small business owners.

The final feature of the floodlight cam is one we can imagine using even if our property wasn’t in danger: the two-way microphone. Because it connects to your smartphone and projects your voice through a speaker, you can use it to shout at troublemakers. Or, you know…squirrels.

Indoor Robot Nanny

While every product on this list is innovative, protective, and cool, none is as cute as Kuri. A combination nanny-videographer-home alarm system, Kuri is a Pixar-like robot who wanders around your home capturing interesting moments.

She responds to voice commands when you’re around and operates independently when you’re not. Beloved by children for her chirps, nods, and animated appearance, Kuri is entertaining as well as functional.

We can see Kuri becoming a smartphone-like product that integrates itself into everyone’s lives and gets loaded up with great new features every few years.

World’s Most Secure Router

Not every home security service requires remote video capabilities. Some security protects your digital life.

Introducing the Norton Core IOT Router: a geometric orb that protects all of your in-home and in-business WiFi systems by protecting their entryway. For most personal networks, the greatest vulnerabilities are found at the router. Once malware gets passed that point, it can infect freely.

This beautiful solution is packed with powerful hardware, such as a 1.7GHz dual-core chip processor and throughput capacity up to 2,500Mbps!

As the potential of the Internet of Things is being unlocked, we’ll all need secure systems that can identify and quarantine malware. Otherwise, all of the items in our home could be infected. Symantec Norton has taken care of that for us.

Which do you like best?

With so many awesome products to secure your home, it can be tempting to go out and buy them all at once. Which of these five products do you think is the most innovative? Which one would you be most interested in using at your own home or business?